Get Acquainted Calls and Initial Case Evaluations

What is a Get-Acquainted Call? 

Let’s spend a few minutes on a Get-Acquainted Call. Our purpose will be to decide, jointly, if we are the right fit for what you need. We don’t charge for these calls. If we both think we can help you, we will schedule an Initial Case Evaluation. If interested, simply call us on310-216-2165.

What Happens During An Initial Case Evaluation?
We will talk with you about your issues and goals and how strongly you feel about them. We will meet (by phone or remote conference) for as long as needed for you to be sure we understand your situation.

If you have a short (two to four pages) agreement or correspondence that affects your situation, we will review it.

We will then tell you where you stand and what options you have.  We will recommend one or more action steps, based in part on our past experience with similar cases.

Fee schedule

Get Acquainted Call: You tell us why you need an attorney. We will tell you if we can help you with that type of issue.  If so, we will ask you for the names of other people involved to make sure we don’t have a conflict of interest. These typically last about ten to fifteen minutes. We do not charge to learn if yours is a matter with which we can help.

Initial Case Evaluation: We’ll tell you where you stand. If you have a short (two to four-page) contract or correspondence, we’ll look and recommend action. Often, it’s enough to leave you comfortable. Our minimum fee is $950.

Full Case Analysis: The works. Review of all documents. Checking the law for recent changes/cases. Investigating public records. Opinion letter if appropriate. Demand letter if appropriate. If we can define a clear scope of work, we will quote a flat fee. If not, we will typically quote an hourly fee. For new clients, our hourly rate is $560 an hour.

Litigation (Lawsuits): People sometimes ask if a contractor can quote a flat fee to build a house, why can’t you quote a flat fee to try a lawsuit? A contractor doesn’t have someone trying to prevent him from driving nails and finishing the house. In a lawsuit, there is always at least one other party who is trying to stop us from achieving your goal. For litigation, we can give you an estimate of total fees based on experience with similar cases. We will not be able to quote a flat fee because we will not know how opposing counsel will act. For new clients, our hourly rate is $560 an hour.