Corporate Counsel

We understand the unique challenges you face as corporate counsel. We can help you to overcome those challenges, get some peace of mind, and boost your company’s bottom line. Here’s how we can help make you the hero of HQ:

We offer special support services for attorneys. You don’t have to go it alone. You can turn to us the way you would turn to your colleagues in a law firm. For example, you might just want to bounce an idea off a fellow lawyer, or get a second opinion — formal or informal — about a proposed course of action. You might want someone to evaluate a case and tell you what they think it’s worth. Or maybe a lawsuit you were handling in-house did not settle as expected, and you need someone to help you try the case. We can help you help your company.

We accept the Association of Corporate Counsel‘s proposed ACC Value Challenge. This has not required any changes on our part. The covenant lists practices we’ve followed for years. In case you’re not familiar with it, the covenant calls on your company’s outside lawyers to do the following:

  • Learn your business and strategic objectives and apply that understanding to your matters.
  • Give honest feedback on whether your objectives in a matter are realistic and attainable.
  • Use the most appropriate staffing and tell you if we don’t have the needed expertise.
  • Designate one lawyer to serve as our relationship manager, whose time will not be billed for this role.
  • Proactively offer value-based alternative fee structures.
  • Provide budgets and estimates for specific engagements upfront and advise you immediately if there may be any material changes.
  • Understand that we are responsible for our budgets and estimates and that our experience forms a basis for accuracy.
  • Seek to reduce our costs creatively and constantly, and share those savings with you.
  • Understand that you seek neither elegance, new law, nor perfection unless these provide value consistent with your company’s objectives.
  • Train our associates efficiently and effectively without imposing additional and unwarranted costs on you.
  • Never reinvent the wheel; we will look first to past work product and encourage efficiency and continuous improvement.
  • Not ask for blanket conflict waivers and discuss with you any client or issue conflicts.
  • Use technology to our mutual benefit, including billing.
  • Meet deadlines and keep in touch.
  • Continue our commitment to pro bono and diversity activities.
  • Work hard to retain and reward personnel that embrace these concepts, and ensure every member working on your project walks this talk.

We’d like to talk with you about how we can help you, as corporate counsel, achieve your company’s goals efficiently. To make it happen, please hit reply to schedule a Get Acquainted Call or Initial Case Evaluation.