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Hamlin | Cody is a firm of trusted legal advisors focusing on real estate, business, corporate law and billboard law in Southern California.

We combine the experience and sophistication of a larger firm, with the personal attention and flexibility that is available only from a boutique practice. Our focus on relationships, built over time, provides the foundation for an in-depth understanding of our clients' needs.

We take care of our clients and solve their problems. We help them get out of trouble and help them stay out of trouble. To learn if we are the right attorneys for you, please explore our website or contact us.


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At Hamlin Cody, our Billboard lawyers have extensive experience handling transactions and litigation concerning billboards and other forms of outdoor and out-of-home advertising.  There are an estimated 368,000 billboards across the country. Over the years, we have represented billboard companies and people who lease their land to billboard companies. Whatever your status, it is important […]


When you own and oversee a billboard, there is no clear guarantee that trespassers will avoid your billboard property. Our billboard lawyers have litigated disputes between landowners and billboard companies involving claims of trespassers. Unfortunately, many of us have seen billboards that have been defaced or altered by trespassers. If you do have a billboard […]


Our attorneys, Richard Hamlin and Marnie Christine Cody were co-presenters at a recent OAAA webinar entitled “Billboard Leases to Record or Not to Record”. During the webinar, they explain the pros and cons of recording billboard leases using a real-life situation with a number of twists and turns. The webinar was highly rated by the […]