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About Us

Hamlin | Cody is a firm of trusted legal advisors focusing on real estate, business, corporate law and billboard law in Southern California.

We combine the experience and sophistication of a larger firm, with the personal attention and flexibility that is available only from a boutique practice. Our focus on relationships, built over time, provides the foundation for an in-depth understanding of our clients' needs.

We take care of our clients and solve their problems. We help them get out of trouble and help them stay out of trouble. To learn if we are the right attorneys for you, please explore our website or contact us.


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At Hamlin | Cody, we understand the complexities of property acquisition. Tax sales and foreclosures can offer attractive opportunities, but factors like existing billboard structures require special attention. This article explores the intricacies of acquiring property with a billboard and emphasizes the importance of due diligence for a smooth transaction. Billboard Easements  CA Revenue and […]


At Hamlin | Cody, we prioritize clarity in legal documents. Recently, we reviewed two billboard leases that highlight the importance of precise lease terms, particularly regarding the ownership of billboards at the end of the lease. Our experienced California billboard attorneys help clients navigate these complexities to protect their rights. Typical Billboard Lease Arrangements In […]


At Hamlin | Cody, trust is more than just a word. It’s the foundation of our relationship with every client. That’s why we’re especially proud when families entrust us with the legal needs of not just themselves, but also their loved ones. Recently, a former client’s son came to us on the recommendation of another […]