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About Us

Hamlin | Cody is a firm of trusted legal advisors focusing on real estate, business, corporate law and billboard law in Southern California.

We combine the experience and sophistication of a larger firm, with the personal attention and flexibility that is available only from a boutique practice. Our focus on relationships, built over time, provides the foundation for an in-depth understanding of our clients' needs.

We take care of our clients and solve their problems. We help them get out of trouble and help them stay out of trouble. To learn if we are the right attorneys for you, please explore our website or contact us.


Latest News

Our attorneys, Richard Hamlin and Marnie Christine Cody were co-presenters at a recent OAAA webinar entitled “Billboard Leases to Record or Not to Record”. During the webinar, they explain the pros and cons of recording billboard leases using a real-life situation with a number of twists and turns. The webinar was highly rated by the […]


Unfair competition is a deceptive or wrongful business practice. In California, any illegal act may constitute unfair competition. To constitute “unfair” competition, an act must be inherently wrongful. Simply offering a product at a lower price, or offering to pay higher rent is normal competition. There is nothing “unfair” about that. On the other hand, […]


Act now… It’s not merely a sales pitch used by eager marketers and retailers. It is prudent advice to those who have pending legal claims against would be defendants. Wait too long to enforce your rights, and your delay could have unwelcome consequences. Sitting on your rights for too long may be considered both unreasonable […]