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If you're involved in any way with billboards in California and need legal help, you have come to the right firm. We have extensive experience since 1985 handling transactions and litigation concerning billboards and other forms of outdoor and out-of-home advertising.

We have dealt with commercial development, sign plans, permits and entitlements, billboard leases, billboard easements, lease renewals, eminent domain, the California Outdoor Advertising Act, state and local regulations, and disputes over the ownership, control and removal of sign structures.

When one city imposed a confiscatory business license tax, we filed suit for our clients. Once we served the complaint and shared our research with the city's attorney, we were able to negotiate a reasonable and acceptable annual fee.

We have negotiated deals between landowners and billboard companies. We have also litigated disputes between them, involving such claims as: breach of contract, quiet title, nuisance, trespass and unfair competition. We offer a mediation service specifically for billboard companies and outdoor issues.

For cities and counties: Outdoor companies accept and support reasonable regulation. We know what will meet regulatory concerns, what is acceptable to billboard companies, and how to avoid the risk and expense of litigation. Cities have hired to draft and amend city ordinances and we have drafted amendments to the Outdoor Advertising Act adopted by the Legislature.

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