Negotiation Experts

At Hamlin Cody, we have over four decades of experience negotiating on the behalf of our clients to grant them the results they deserve. Our extensive experience has allowed us to gain insight into the best business practices when negotiating agreements on behalf of our clients, especially during a health pandemic. Most recently, we gained […]


Billboard Advertising: As We Navigate Through the Pandemic

As we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, it has shifted the marketing and out-of-home industries, including billboard advertising. The outdoor advertising world depends on traffic to function. Initially, traffic dropped as people self-isolated. As we re-open, traffic has surged rapidly. Industry experts expect traffic to recover to pre-pandemic levels very soon. Hyperlocal media, as […]


Encrypted Emails

During this time of high frequency cyberactivity, we have invested in technology to protect you. We have the ability to send encrypted emails and attachments to you. We have the ability to receive them from you too. This ensures that private and highly sensitive correspondence and materials stay that way. Even if you aren’t using […]