California Outdoor Advertising Association

Last week Marnie attended the annual membership meeting of the California Outdoor Advertising Association, joined by colleagues and clients in the outdoor advertising industry. Having participated in many of the earliest discussions with the City of Los Angeles and stakeholders and continuing to monitor proposed changes to the Los Angeles citywide sign ordinance that have […]


Drafting A Successful Contract

What does it take to draft a successful contract?  Here’s a Venn diagram that summarizes what’s needed. Think about it.  Suppose the Parties agree they want to develop property, but don’t realize the zoning allows only agricultural land.  Even if they have compatible goals and expectations, they’re living in Fantasyland.  The property will remain agricultural […]


5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Commercial Lessor

Owning and leasing commercial property can be profitable and rewarding, or a mental and financial drain. Lessors and real estate investors know that, when done correctly, a commercial rental property can offer significant opportunities for cash flow and long-term appreciation. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time lessor of a commercial property, it […]