Why Legal DIY Isn’t the Best Solution

All too often in our practice, we see people who have decided to write their own will, lease, or other legal document with less than desirable results. Or, they may try, unsuccessfully, to record a deed, or file a document with the court. Two people may have a business arrangement and decide to create their […]


Going the Extra Mile

Many times, people will come to a lawyer for help with a legal problem and receive some sort of quick resolution. The result may be satisfactory, but frankly, not fantastic. The lawyer might quickly close the file and move on to the next client. The client feels that they received justice and goes back to […]


Banks Behaving Badly

Most banks and bankers are honest.  Most will conduct themselves honestly, in a fair and ethical manner.  Some don’t. While we cannot expect compassion from a bank, we can expect honesty.  We can expect banks will honor their agreements. A client I worked with had experienced some financial challenges and had fallen behind on his […]