Have You Considered an Initial Case Evaluation?

Our office is always striving to provide our clients with the most value for their hard-earned money. We have seen over the years that people may be reluctant to consult with a lawyer because of the expense. Others may think that their problem isn’t complex enough to merit retaining a lawyer. They may just need clarification on a legal issue or aren’t quite sure if they have a real issue at all.

What is an Initial Case Evaluation?

We decided to solve this by creating Initial Case Evaluations for our clients. Here’s how it works. Our clients can come in and sit down with us. The “clock” isn’t running, so they can feel free to relax and tell us their issue in detail without feeling rushed. They can bring any documentation with them that they feel is relevant. We will provide them with our opinion on their issue and give them advice on their legal options. Often, we can solve their problems and answer their questions during the Initial Case Evaluation. If we feel that they have a case, we will summarize what we think should be done, and in most instances estimate the costs involved. If the case needs a specialist, we can usually find the right one.

By offering this service, we believe our clients will feel more comfortable coming in and speaking with us. Because there is a set price for our evaluation, clients can have peace of mind knowing exactly what they will be paying.

Initial Case Evaluations Provide Value

We had a great example of how this works recently. A client came from out of state and was interested in expanding business here in California. He wasn’t sure of the state and local laws on the matter and wasn’t sure if his idea was feasible. He came to us for an Initial Case Evaluation. We were able to sit with him and hear about his plans. We listened to his idea and concerns and gave him some preliminary legal analysis to help him understand the kinds of issues he would face here under local and state laws. We were able to lay out a set of alternative ways that we could help him.

What our client walked away with was a greater understanding of where he stood on feasibility and likely success of his proposed business venture. He has a very clear idea of what his next steps could be and is aware of the potential risks he may encounter.

Had this same client seen another lawyer, it is safe to say that it could have taken much longer, and cost much more, to arrive at the answers he wanted. When he came to our office, he knew exactly what to expect; what he would pay for meeting, the kind of evaluation he could receive and value he would leave with.

If you have a legal matter and need our advice, consider an Initial Case Evaluation. We will analyze your issue and provide you with sound guidance. If it is a matter that needs further legal assistance, we will provide you with an action plan moving forward, highlight the risks involved, and the estimated cost. If you are interested in arranging for an Initial Case Evaluation or just need to discuss if this is right for you, please contact us to schedule a Get Acquainted Call.