Going the Extra Mile

Many times, people will come to a lawyer for help with a legal problem and receive some sort of quick resolution. The result may be satisfactory, but frankly, not fantastic. The lawyer might quickly close the file and move on to the next client. The client feels that they received justice and goes back to their daily life.

For our office, a “fair” result isn’t good enough. We believe each and every client and their case is not just important, but the issue they face has huge consequences to their life. We owe it to them to explore every avenue of possible recovery.

A good example of this is a case we’re currently are working on. Our client had considerable water damage in her condominium. The damage was caused by a broken water pipe from the condominium above her.

Initially, we persuaded her insurance company to pay its policy limits. Unfortunately, her own coverage was not enough to repair her unit and to replace her furniture, clothing, appliances and other property that had been destroyed.

We went to the owner of the upstairs condominium and their insurance company seeking compensation from them. We always try and negotiate first. In this instance, we weren’t satisfied with their response. So, now we are drafting the pleadings to seek a resolution in court.

We’re not happy with a case until our clients receive the best possible result for their legal problem.

If you have a legal issue and aren’t sure where to turn, come in and talk to us. We’ll give you a fair assessment of your case and advise you if legal action is in your best interest. If you want to talk to us, just hit reply to schedule a Get Acquainted Call.