How We Work at Hamlin | Cody – Valentine’s Edition

This week Amazon delivered a pound of See’s candy to us. We did not order it. It arrived without a card or any way to learn who sent it. I am certain that neither Jeff Bezos nor his successor felt the need to thank us for our Prime membership, or perhaps give us a slightly early Valentine’s Day present.

The candy was called “Bridge Mix.” The box described it as “Chocolate-covered bites of nuts, raisins, brittles, caramels, and more.” As far as we can tell, See’s poured dark or milk chocolate over the odds and ends left over after cooking their regular candies.

It’s a clever use of what would otherwise be thrown away. Instead of paying to dispose of the little bits and pieces, See’s sold them at probably $15.00 a pound, as expensive as steak, and tasty as could be. At Hamlin | Cody, we don’t have little bits and pieces left over. We do save our research and work product and use it to be more efficient at helping you. Contact us today to schedule a Get Acquainted Call or an Initial Case Evaluation.