Why You Need a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you are entering into your first commercial real estate transaction, or are an experienced real estate developer, it is important to consult with a qualified commercial real estate attorney for guidance prior to signing a contract. Most especially in California, what can initially seem like a fairly simple transaction can be filled with hidden details, like zoning, environmental regulations and local laws, can greatly complicate your transaction.

Here are a few ways we can help:

Due Diligence

Due diligence provides a necessary and complete investigation into the details of the transaction. It enables the parties to gain a complete picture of the fundamental concepts of the deal, the financing options, the pros and cons of the transaction, while keeping the needs of the client in mind. This step is essential to a smooth transaction. It takes experience and a sharp eye to look for potential problems and pitfalls that you may not recognize. We have dozens of years of experience conducting due diligence.


The fine print in real estate documents can be the source of untold headaches. We are skilled at spotting potential problems contained within the fine print. We can explain these issues to you so that you enter into the agreement fully appreciating what you are agreeing to.

Should a Problem Arise

Sometimes a real estate transaction will hit a snag. Maybe there is a misunderstanding, or there is a problem with a zoning ordinance, or a condition that the parties just can’t agree on. We pride ourselves on looking for the simplest, most elegant solution.

Sustainable Growth

If you are looking to expand your business and invest in more property, or are starting a new venture, it is important to do your homework. Going in armed with all of the pros and cons is essential. We care about our clients. We want to see them grow in a healthy, sustainable way. Buying properties that may not be a good investment can do real damage to your business. Be careful as you expand your real estate portfolio. Perform a rigorous risk analysis. A bad investment can spell disaster.

Minimizing Risk

Commercial real estate transactions can be complicated, expensive, and high risk. There are many considerations to be made that can impact your business. When the stakes are high, minimizing risk is essential. We offer an initial case evaluation that is well suited for this purpose. For a one-time fee, you can meet with us face to face. We will take the time to understand your objectives, and provide our assessment. If you are entering into a real estate transaction, ask us to schedule a complimentary Get Acquainted Call or request a fee for an Initial Case Evaluation. We are here to help.