No Fault Property Damage – Fight for Your Right for Full Reimbursement

What would you do if your beautiful condominium suffered significant water damage through no fault of your own and your insurer did not want to pay for the damages?  Would you remain silent and make costly repairs without recourse, or would you hire us to negotiate a fair settlement?

 People come to us with some very difficult and complicated problems – like this one. We are here to:

  • Listen to our client’s issues,
  • Explain the options and recourse available to them,
  • Help them decide on a course of action, and
  • Advocate for them to receive the best possible outcome.



We had a client come to us recently that was in a difficult situation. She was the owner of a condominium. The owner of the unit above her had hired an unlicensed, uninsured worker to do a remodel. She failed to have the plans approved by the homeowner’s association. During the remodel process, the worker cut into a wall and pipe that was connected to the fire sprinklers. This caused a flood and destroyed our client’s condominium and all of its’ contents. Our client came to us for help 4 months after the incident.



We were able to persuade our client’s insurance company to reimburse her for the full amount of her policy, and a bit more. This amount covered approximately half of her loss.

We are currently negotiating with the insurance company for the owner of the upstairs unit to recover the rest of our client’s damages from the upstairs unit. While we encourage open discussion and mediation, we will sue the upstairs owner, if necessary.


Our Promise to You

People come to us with complex problems. We are here to provide sound, compassionate advice. We pursue justice for our clients, so they can receive reimbursement for their money damages, feel good about their results and most importantly, have peace of mind. We pride ourselves on building strong personal relationships, where our clients know that their case is being handled promptly and professionally. Our intention is to create lasting working relationships with everyone we do business with and that they leave knowing they can come to us in the future, should the need arise.

If you have a property damage claim like this one, or a wider real estate or estate planning problem or need some sage legal advice please click reply to request a Get Acquainted Call to discuss your problem. We are here to help.