Timing is Everything

So often we see people spend time, effort and money on a commercial real estate project after a problem arises. The truth is, some tend to try and do a transaction themselves to save money. They may think that the project is straightforward and doesn’t merit attorney involvement, or they just really don’t have the extra time needed to consult with a lawyer.

Take a commercial lease as an example. A good lease can bolster your business and a bad lease can be a real liability. A commercial lease sets out the legal terms of the agreement between the property owner and the business owner. Both parties have specific rights and responsibilities. It is crucial that the document reflects the party’s agreement fairly and accurately, or inevitably problems will arise.

Sometimes a business tenant or property owner will try and do as much as possible themselves to save time and money. They may decide to bring in a lawyer late in the game when the papers are about to be signed, or a red flag presents itself. The difficulty here is that many preliminary negotiations and agreements have taken place. We can go back and readdress those issues, but it doesn’t make for an efficient, smooth transaction in many cases.

Also, even with your best efforts, many leases use complicated jargon that is difficult to understand. You may even unknowingly agree to something that isn’t in your best interest.

Contact Us Early in the Process

We are fully aware that a sound real estate transaction is crucial to your business. These projects are just too important to take short cuts. Involving us after there is a problem can ultimately cost you more time, aggravation and expense than it would have had we been involved at the beginning.

Consider an Initial Case Evaluation

Many of our clients have taken advantage of our initial case evaluation with successful results. For a single price, you can bring us your legal issue. We will analyze your situation and provide you with guidance.

This way, our clients are free to discuss their problem at length without watching the clock. It is often in the details of the conversation we gain further insight into the situation. Many times, we are able to resolve a matter at this stage of the process. If we find that your case requires further legal assistance, we can provide you with an action plan moving forward and the estimated costs involved.We are interested in building long-lasting relationships with our clients and want them to always feel comfortable coming to us. We feel the initial case evaluation is a good option for many of our clients. If you are involved or anticipating a commercial real estate transaction, contact us for guidance. We will assess your issue and help find a solution that will get you the results you need. If you would like to talk to us, just hit reply to schedule a Get Acquainted Call.