Why Using DIY Contracts Aren’t a Good Idea

Whether you are buying or selling a property, creating a business or settling a dispute, contracts are the heart of every agreement. These days, people try to save money and create their own written agreement using a template from the internet, or worse, don’t document the agreement at all. This is a bad idea for many reasons.

DIY contracts found on the internet contain boilerplate language which may not suit your particular circumstances. Often, there are specifics that should be added or subtracted to ensure it meets the needs of the parties. While these templates may be inexpensive, there are no guarantees that the document will comply with state and local laws.

Whether you need a purchase agreement, nondisclosure agreement or partnership agreement, it is highly recommended that you come to speak to us. Ultimately, using a lawyer to draft your agreement will save you time and money in the long run. The headaches of litigation or trying to untangle a poorly written agreement are just not worth it. Consider the following:

The Art of Negotiation

A well-drafted contract should help you to accomplish your objectives and protect you from liability. It should define the relationship between the parties and outline the specific rights and responsibilities expected. An experienced lawyer will work with you to ensure that your objectives are met and that all the terms and conditions of the agreement are clear.


There is just no substitute for experience. Our years of experience enable us to anticipate potential problems before they arise and draft the agreement accordingly. You may need guidance on terms and conditions that will further your interests or those that may create more liability.

Favorable Terms

A well-drafted contract should represent a meeting of the minds between the parties. While a contract should be fair to both sides, we will want to ensure that you receive the most favorable terms possible.

Gain a Full Understanding

In many circumstances, the parties will have a broad understanding of their agreement and sign on the dotted line. But, facts can be that they may truly not understand all of the intricacies of their agreement. Legal jargon can be lengthy and difficult to understand. We will help to explain exactly what you are agreeing to and will help you avoid any surprises down the road.

Settle Disputes

Should a dispute arise, the contract will guide the parties to determine a resolution. If a breach has occurred, the document may require mediation or arbitration rather than going straight to litigation.

Without a solid written contract, many complications can arise. We can draft your agreement, or review an existing contract to set you up for success rather than future problems.

If you need any type of contract or written legal document, please contact us. We take pride in providing excellent legal services to our clients and work hard to earn your loyalty and trust. If you have a legal matter to discuss, please hit reply to schedule a Get Acquainted Call or Initial Case Evaluation. Contact us and experience the difference of Hamlin | Cody!