A Word About Customer Service

Let’s face it, customer service isn’t what it used to be. No matter if you are at the gas pump or driving through a fast food restaurant, it seems that everything now is DIY and move along. If you find that you need customer service, you may be out of luck. These days, most businesses focus on quantity, not quality. They appeal to the masses, and there is little time or manpower for a business to help their customers. What these businesses don’t understand, however, is that taking an interest in their customers would increase their bottom line.

I think we all have had our share of these frustrating experiences. As an example, my daughter and her family live in Chicago. I wanted to send my grandson a book from a popular book retailer. I thought I could simply order and pay for the book in Los Angeles for my daughter to pick up in Chicago (oddly enough, it could not be shipped before December 24!). It seemed like a relatively simple transaction, and not an unusual request given that it was the holiday season.

What transpired was far from simple. The book was not available. They wanted me to preorder it, but I wasn’t allowed to pay for it ahead of time. I finally found someone who would let me pay for the book, but if I paid, my daughter would not be allowed to pick it up without my credit card. In the end, I had not only lost my Christmas spirit, but I had also spent way too much time and frustration on something that should have been simple and easy. When I spoke up and addressed this with the store, I received a glazed over-response that fell completely flat.

Another great example of this is trying to call a bank, credit card company or governmental type of agency. You can spend huge amounts of time pressing #1 for customer service, entering your card number, and other identifying information, then to be put on hold for what feels like an interminable about of time. If you are lucky enough to speak to a human at the end of all of that, they ask your account number and identifying information all over again, all with no guarantee you will actually receive the information you were searching for. If you are lucky you may receive an answer, unless you are referred to another mysterious department only to start the process all over again!

These types of experiences speak volumes to the customer. The message is that businesses don’t have the time to address your personal requests. They may ask if they can help you, but it’s usually a hollow gesture. They aren’t prepared to follow through with action.

Our Promise to You

The word “attorney” means agent. Our job is to help you reach your goals and fight for what you need. It is not your job to jump through hoops get us to help you.

This is the advantage of hiring a smaller firm. We don’t have bureaucratic barriers for you to contend with. It is not your job to make our lives easier. On the contrary, it is ours to help you make your life better.

When you call us during normal business hours, you will not have to contend with a phone tree. You will speak to a human. Your call will be returned promptly. We believe that clear communication with our clients helps us do the best job possible and ensures that your concerns are addressed.

We take pride in providing excellent legal services to our clients, and thereby earning your loyalty and trust. If you have a legal matter to discuss, please hit reply to schedule a Get Acquainted Call or Initial Case Evaluation. We invite you to contact us and experience the difference!