Dealing with Life’s Uncertainties

As much as we hate to admit it, life is full of uncertainty. We all strive for control and predictability in our lives, but life happens while we are making other plans.

The unexpected can happen in both our personal and professional lives. As much as we try to make the right decisions and avoid problems, a deal may fall through, a contract could be breached, or you may be sued. We or a loved one may become ill or pass unexpectedly.

Personal Uncertainty

I know of an attorney who left his family like the cobbler’s children — with his affairs in a mess. Over the years, he had accumulated a dozen real estate investments in several states. He had prepared a trust that spelled out his wishes. Unfortunately, he had never transferred his assets into the trust. His widow is facing a lengthy probate in his home state plus an ancillary probate in each state where he owned property.

Professional Uncertainty

You own a business, maybe several. One of them takes off and you are swamped with customers, clients or patients. Perhaps a major customer turns slow-pay, or no-pay. Have you thought about how to deal with situations like those before they arise? Have you thought about where you might turn for guidance?

The Elon Musk Solution

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, has famously said he works 120 hours a week. With 168 hours in a week (24 hours * 7 days), that leaves just under seven hours a day to sleep, eat, bathe and take care of yourself. Does that sound like a good solution to you?

The Planning Solution

Plans are all the rage these days. Some consultants tell us to have a life plan and a series of five-year plans. Others tell us to focus on the near term because we have no idea what will happen in six months or a year. We have all heard the expression, Plan B — or perhaps Plans C, D & E. This is better than nothing, but the farther out we go, the greater the chance our plans will become irrelevant.

The Trusted Advisor

You can wait until a crisis arises and look for advice then. Over the years we have deal with plenty of emergency situations. In a crisis, we help find solutions. At the same time, would it be better to avoid the crisis altogether?

Have you considered retaining a professional who has experience at spotting potential crises before they come to a head? Whether it’s the possibility of disaster or overwhelming success, would you like to be able to call someone who can discuss what is apparent and what is lurking in the background?

Yes. It’s wise to plan for unexpected events. At the same time, they are unexpected. You buy insurance hoping you will never have to make a claim. You buy it for the peace of mind it gives you, knowing you are covered against a major disaster.

Have you considered engaging a Trusted Advisor for the same purpose — to give you peace of mind? Would it help to have someone you can call to discuss your thoughts, hopes and concerns? You can do that with your family, but will your family have decades of practical experience at anticipating and avoiding problems before they arise?

We Can Help (Pitch Alert)

One of the best ways to do this is to have quick access to an experienced lawyer. I pride myself on serving as a trusted legal advisor to help my clients deal with life’s uncertainties. By putting our office on a monthly retainer, you can feel confident that you are covering your bases and making a wise investment in the ongoing operation of your business or personal affairs. Having a lawyer that understands you and your business, as well as your goals and objectives is invaluable. If the unexpected arises, you will have our office ready to jump in and assist you.

I believe a great deal of good can come from the prompt and thorough analysis of a problem. By analyzing the circumstances, looking at possible solutions and weighing the pros and cons, often a simple, elegant solution can be found. Other times, of course, more intensive research and problem-solving is necessary. Either way, having consistent legal guidance and support allows you peace of mind. You have undoubtedly worked hard to achieve success in your business and personal life. It only makes sense that they should be protected and from any curve balls life throws your way.

Whether you own a business or need assistance running your personal affairs, please consider putting our office on retainer. I believe that building these types of ongoing, lasting relationships only enhances the level of personal service we can provide. If you think our office could be a good fit for you or your business, hit reply to schedule a Get Acquainted Call or Initial Case Evaluation.