Neighbor Disputes

Unfortunately, neighbor disputes are common. What two people think is appropriate neighborhood behavior may differ, and it can cause unwanted turmoil in a community. You may have neighbors who, despite your many polite notes or interactions, insist on treating part of your land as if it were theirs. Some neighbors may be disrespectful and it is interfering with your property. Or sometimes it is just a matter of wanting to move forward with a project and having the added frustration of not knowing what your property lines are. 

At Hamlin | Cody, we have experience in real estate guiding our clients throughout a wide range of neighbor disputes that may arise, whether it is boundary disputes, or property damage from your neighboring property. 

Boundary Disputes

Neighbors can sometimes get into arguments over property boundaries, which may escalate any pre-existing disputes. While these disputes can’t be prevented, you can hire a surveyor to survey the property lines if there is a specific deed or town-owned record. You must determine the accurate property boundary prior to working on or altering the property area in question.

Depending on the boundary line, it may prevent you from starting a project that you wanted to start or it may be preventing you from getting peace of mind. Regardless of the situation you are in, you may need to take legal action to get clear insight on how to proceed so that you and your neighbors can coexist in the proper locations. 

Property Damage

In Southern California, if you own property on or near a hillside, you may wind up as the plaintiff or the defendant in a lawsuit where the issue is whether someone caused a landslide by failing to build or maintain property properly. You or your neighbor may be unaware of damages they have caused, especially if the damage is a result of environmental influences.

It is important to hire an experienced real estate lawyer to assist in assessing property damage and exploring next steps. The damage caused may have been unintentional so it is crucial to learn what your rights are and the necessary course of action.

At Hamlin | Cody, we believe that you can settle neighbor disputes with logic and respect. You cannot choose who you live next too, but you can choose how to manage a dispute. If you are involved in a real estate dispute involving a neighbor, we can help. Hit Reply to schedule a Get Acquainted Call.