Three Things To Know Before You Place Your Billboard

When you purchase your billboard or lease land to build your own new billboard, there are several factors to consider. At Hamlin | Cody, we have extensive experience handling transactions and litigation concerning billboards and other forms of outdoor and out-of-home advertising. We help landowners and billboard owners understand how to prepare their property correctly and efficiently.

1. Assess your location

The price of an existing billboard is dependent on multiple factors, like the city the billboard is located in, the physical location of the billboard itself, from what streets and highways is it visible, what is the traffic like, is the billboard already vested with a permit and if it is not, can it be permitted, and how long is it likely the billboard will remain on the premises? Performing your due diligence to assess the location is important to securing a lucrative investment and to protecting it.

2. Understand the local government rules and regulations

Billboard law is a niche practice area. Experienced counsel recognize that there will be different government regulations applicable to billboards and advertisements and it is crucial to understand which apply and how they do. Hiring a billboard lawyer will help you understand your rights and the regulations that apply to you, your billboard and the property at which it is located.

3. Negotiating with the landowner

If you are building a billboard and you do not own the land, you need to negotiate the terms of the lease with the landowner. The lease agreement needs to include several terms to protect both parties’ interests. For example:

  • Protect the unobscured view of the billboard.
  • Limit restrictions on advertising content and/or list clearly what advertising may not be acceptable on the premises.
  • Secure exclusive access to the billboard for maintenance, running power lines to lights or digital displays, and to change the advertising copy while assuring that the landowner enjoys access to the property other than the billboard.

By addressing these aspects of the billboard management, you will be set up for a more successful venture.

At Hamlin | Cody, we understand the complex factors that go into billboard advertising. We have dealt with commercial development, sign plans, permits and entitlements, billboard leases, billboard easements, lease renewals, eminent domain, the California Outdoor Advertising Act, state and local regulations, and disputes over the ownership, control and removal of sign structures. If you are in need of assistance with your billboard transaction, schedule a Get Acquainted Call. We are here to help.