Not Just Words

The art of using the right words is one that lawyers master in order to accomplish their clients’ wishes. Contracts are not simply words on a page. Each word and the collection of them as a whole is carefully selected to convey meaning and precision.

Legal jargon can be complicated. Lawyers undergo extensive training to understand the terms of legal documents. It has been said that learning law is akin to learning a new language.

However, what a lawyer truly excels at is using clear and concise language to avoid ambiguity. Contracts, deeds, leases and other documents should be so concisely written that everyone — parties, lawyers, brokers, judges and juries — will all read it and understand it in the same way.

“You guys are both saying the same thing. The only reason you’re arguing is because you’re using different words.” — S. I. Hayakawa

Managing contracts without the help of an attorney can lead to important conditions being forgotten, or critical terms being misunderstood. A wrong assumption about a contract because of confusing language can lead to expensive legal disputes. You can minimize these risks by working with an experienced attorney.

There are thousands of lawyers in Los Angeles who can draft a contract or other legal document for you. Hamlin | Cody is unique in that we have experience with trying cases that have arisen from problematic contracts drafted by others.

We understand that well-written contracts have a much greater chance of being enforced as intended by the parties. When a court finds the language ambiguous or open to differing interpretations, the contract cannot be upheld. In such cases, litigation can become costly and often requires a trial.

Well-crafted contracts with precise language can prevent or at least help you manage uncertainty and risk when it comes to dealings with business partners, companies, or employees.

We have drafted, among other documents: commercial leases, office leases, residential and commercial property sales contracts, shopping center leases, apartment leases, ground leases, marina leases, notes, deeds of trust, purchase and sale agreements, easements, loans with security agreements, and subordination agreements. Our goal: To make sure what you thought the other person heard is what the other person thought you said.

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