Three Reasons To Choose A Concierge Law Firm Service

The mid-sixteenth century word “concierge,” alluding to a caretaker and guide, has been extended to many disciplines outside of the hospitality industry — including the legal profession.

Law firms that provide subscription-based services are becoming increasingly popular in today’s on-demand economy. This growing niche within the legal industry has been named “concierge law”, echoing the similar trend of on-demand concierge medical services.

There are several advantages to choosing a concierge law firm service for guidance in legal, business and financial matters. At Hamlin | Cody we’ve mastered this approach and offer it to our clients for the reasons outlined below.

Preferred Access to Expertise

Hourly fees can add up with no relationship to the value provided. They can make you hesitate to contact a lawyer due to cost-related concerns. Concierge law is becoming popular due to the multitude of clients who are looking for legal expertise but would prefer to avoid the sound of a meter ticking with every conversation.

With a traditional hourly billing structure, a client may rush through the process to save money. They may be reluctant to ask all the questions they need to in order to fully understand the issue and their options. When their attorney asks questions to learn more about their concerns, they may view the questions as designed to increase the fee without regard to the benefit to themselves.

A concierge approach helps to alleviate the pressure of “billable hours.” Instead, a law firm will charge clients a monthly or annual fee for an array of services available when they need them. By limiting the number of concierge slots available, our concierge clients can be assured of preferred access to legal counsel.

Proactive Legal and Practical Strategy

Concierge law can save time and money when used as a proactive form of legal strategy. When most people approach a lawyer, it’s because they already have a problem and they need a lawyer to help them solve it. Rather than deal with issues as they arise, it’s possible to avoid them completely when working with an attorney on an ongoing basis.

For example, business and property owners often face major financial, personal, and legal decisions. Who better to assist in these decisions than an attorney who knows their goals, their concerns and how the law affects them?

As another example, how often does an unexpected legal issue arise? A concierge attorney who knows your goals and concerns can head off problems before they arise. A concierge attorney can provide a prompt response to that unexpected demand letter without having to gather background information first.

Precise and Personalized Support and Advice

When seeking legal advice, wouldn’t it be great to have your lawyer already on speed dial? Similarly to many medical services that are now just a call away, concierge law can provide personalized advice on the matters most pertinent in a client’s life.

There is a joke about an attorney who offers perfectly accurate (and perfectly useless) advice. With a concierge relationship, you will hear more than just a recital of the law. You will receive pragmatic guidance that is consistent with your goals.

A concierge law firm will also keep a detailed history of their clients so no repetitive explanations are necessary. They will know you, and you will know them. The more they do for you, the better they will be at achieving the outcome that you want. This style of relationship allows legal services to become customized to the individual and provide the right support.

Concierge law is far from a “one-size-fits-all” approach. In reality, it offers an opportunity to get to know the client and come up with solutions that will work best for them. At Hamlin | Cody we are proud to offer this service to a limited number of our clients and provide them with the care and guidance they need. To learn more about our concierge service, please hit Reply to schedule a Get Acquainted Call.