Three Reasons Why It’s Important to Detail Improvements in a Billboard Lease


Billboards have been a part of the American scenery for over a century, continually evolving and changing. They have progressed from the pastoral paintings of corn on barns to the dazzling LED displays of Times Square. Despite the evolution of advertising, billboards have remained a steadfast and ubiquitous presence.

When it comes to leasing a billboard structure, numerous considerations must be taken into account. From the use of the space to the legal and practical implications of any improvements made to the property, it is essential for both the billboard owner and the lessee to ensure that the lease agreement is thorough and detailed. In this blog post, we will discuss three important reasons why it is necessary to detail potential improvements in a billboard lease agreement in order to ensure legal compliance and successful operations.

1. Know Your Limits

First and foremost, when entering into a billboard lease agreement, it is important to understand what the permitted use for a billboard structure is and what it is not. Billboard leases should outline details such as the size of the structure and any improvements that can be made — including painting, lighting, or even additional space — without the need for an amendment.  Any changes to existing structures or improvements must also be detailed in order to protect all involved parties from any potential legal disputes. To ensure a clear understanding of the permitted use of the billboard, it's important to include specific language in the lease agreement outlining the allowed and prohibited uses. This language should be detailed and leave no room for ambiguity or confusion.

2. Clear the Path for Maintenance and Access

The second reason why it is important to detail improvements in a billboard lease agreement is because it allows for a clear path for how those improvements will be made. This includes ensuring access to make repairs, maintenance, or upgrades, should they be needed down the road. Without this information included in the contract there could be issues with gaining access to make those potentially necessary changes at a later date.

Furthermore, by providing specific details about how these improvements should be made in advance (such as who will pay for them), both parties can avoid costly disagreements over time.

3.Keep Within the Bounds of the Law

Finally, detailing potential improvements in a billboard lease agreement helps ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Depending on where the billboard is located, there may be certain restrictions on size or height requirements that must be met when making any changes or additions to the structure. By covering these legal requirements upfront in the lease agreement — along with detailed information about how those changes will take place — both parties can rest assured that their operations are running smoothly and within compliance at all times.

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Detailing potential improvements in a billboard lease agreement is essential for successful operations and legal compliance alike. Not only does this provide clarity on what types of modifications can take place, but also helps ensure that all necessary steps are taken prior to making those changes so that no one runs into unexpected costs or violations of local laws down the line.

When dealing with a leased property of any kind, it’s always best practice to include as much detail as possible pertaining to potential modifications and renovations so that everyone knows their rights ahead of time. At Hamlin | Cody, we have extensive experience handling billboard leases and can help you draft a comprehensive lease agreement that protects your interests regardless if you are the lessor or the lessee!

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