What To Do If There Has Been Trespassers On Your Billboard Property

When you own and oversee a billboard, there is no clear guarantee that trespassers will avoid your billboard property. Our billboard lawyers have litigated disputes between landowners and billboard companies involving claims of trespassers.

Unfortunately, many of us have seen billboards that have been defaced or altered by trespassers. If you do have a billboard trespasser, here are the following steps that you should take to protect your billboard investment:

1. Take Pictures of any Evidence of Trespassing

If you have any proof that there has been a trespasser on your billboard property, it is extremely important to document it. This will be beneficial if the billboard trespasser is a frequent trespasser, or it may aid in your ability to determine who the trespasser is.

2. Call the Police

If there were trespassers on your billboard property, you should call the police as soon as possible. The police will be able to gather any relevant information and file a police report on the incident. This will help in the event the trespassers return as well.

3. If you don’t own the Billboard, contact the owner

If you are leasing the billboard property, after calling the police and documenting any evidence, you need to contact the billboard owner from whom you are leasing the billboard. It is imperative that they are aware of the trespassing incident so that they can make any necessary changes.

4. Make any changes to your Billboard property that May Aid in Deterring Trespassing

Each billboard property is different. If there is anything that you can add to your billboard property that will deter trespassers, you should adjust your property. Some adjustments that you can implement may include adding “Private Property” or “No Trespassing” signs to your property.  Blocking access to the sign with a locked fence or gate may be the most effective.  Remember, if you decide to block access, be sure to give the billboard operator a key or other means to access the sign to change copy.

5. Contact an attorney with Billboard experience

It is illegal to trespass on billboard property. If trespassers are encroaching on your billboard property, you need to contact a trespass lawyer to seek legal guidance. A billboard lawyer will inform you of your rights, and guide you through the legal process.

Billboards are a significant financial investment. If there has been a trespasser on your billboard property, and especially if they are defacing your property, your rights deserve to be protected. Our billboard lawyers have worked on billboard matters since 1985, litigating disputes  and handling transactions on behalf of billboard owners. To talk with us, please hit reply to schedule a Get Acquainted Call or Initial Case Evaluation.